Gravesite, Monument and Headstone Cleaning Services

When you hire Not Forgotten Gravesite Cleaning for a one-time cleaning, an ongoing annual package, or a special occasion gravesite visit with flowers or other remembrance decoration, we inspect the headstone, report any damages or issues, complete headstone cleaning, remove debris, weeding, grass trimming, watering, remove or prune existing flowers, urn or vase cleaning, as well as provide you with before and after photos.

We also offer flower placement, holiday / special occasion flowers, wreaths and other items. Which can be used as a stand alone service or bundled with a headstone cleaning and gravesite maintenance package below.

Pricing Based on Type of Headstone:

All of our pricing packages, detailed below, are based on size and style of headstone - either flat or bevel gravesite marker, slanted headstone or upright headstone (see headstone type image). Extra large headstones, monuments, mausoleums, benches, etc. will require a visit to the gravesite in order to determine a price based on size, condition and detail. Please contact us to price out your gravesite cleaning or maintenance package.

Gravesite Cleaning & Maintenance Packages

From a one-time gravesite cleaning, to a seasonal plan with 3 regular gravesite cleaning visits per year, and/or a flower package add-on, Not Forgotten Gravesite Cleaning can offer you as much, or as little, as you want when it comes to maintaining a beautiful gravesite for the ultimate in remembrance and dignity for your loved ones. Compare our plans and pricing below and contact us for more details.

One-Time Clean /Annual Package
1 Stand-Alone Clean or 1 Visit per Year
Gravesite Cleaning in Westlake

Flat/Bevel Headstone: $66.80 single | $87.40 double

Slant Headstone: $87.40 single | $108.00 double

Upright Headstone: $108.00 single | $138.90 double

Bi-Annual Package
2 Visits per Year (spring + autumn)
$128.60- 272.80

Flat/Bevel Headstone: $128.60 single | $169.80 double

Slant Headstone: $169.80 single | $211.00 double

Upright Headstone: $211.00 single | $272.80 double

Seasonal Package
3 Visits/yr (spring, summer + autumn)

Flat/Bevel Headstone: $190.40 single | $252.20 double

Slant Headstone: $252.20 single | $314.00 double

Upright Headstone: $314.00 single | $406.70 double

Flower Placement
Add-On or Stand-Alone
$66.80- 623.00

1 Visit: $66.80

2 Visits: $118.30

3 Visits: $180.10

Monthly Visits (12) : $623.00

Holiday/Special Occasion Packages

Special Occasion Packages Gravesite Maintenance"
Headstone Maintenance"
Remembrance and Headstone Maintenance"
Headstone Maintenance Plans"

Our Special Occasion and Holiday Package is offered as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to your existing headstone cleaning and gravesite maintenance package. Due to the unique needs of each customer, the Special Occasion package is priced individually  and can include:
• Christmas wreaths • flowers • Easter blooms • balloons • solar lights • memorial candles • military flags • cards • other items

We research the cemetery guidelines and ensure your package will be provided in accordance with the cemetery rules and regulations.


Additional Cleaning Packages

We don’t just clean headstones, we also offer additional cleaning services for monuments, statues and architectural structures at your home, business, school, parish and state and local parks. We use the same eco-friendly biodegradable solution that cleans natural stones such as marble, granite, lime stone, sandstone, brownstone, cast stone and slate as well as brick, concrete, masonry, travertine, terra cotta, stucco, canvas, aluminum and vinyl siding.

Pricing is based on size, type and condition. Contact us with more details and we will happily provide you with a quote for either a one-time clean, or an ongoing cleaning package.

Monument Cleaning"
Monument Cleaning"
Monument Cleaning"
Monument Cleaning"